We’re with you to look ahead. As technology moves forward so must the processes that we use as accountants and bookkeepers. If you are looking for a bookkeeping system that you can access anywhere in the world then online accounting software is for you. Invoices emailed straight from your phone, bank transactions automatically downloaded, VAT returns prepared with ease and, most importantly, the support of Harding Lewis are always just a click away.


We’ve partnered with Quickbooks Online as a platinum-certified Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor. Whether you wish to do your own bookkeeping or pass the bookkeeping to us, we have the right people to help, leaving you to focus on what matters most. We offer support and advice on the benefits of using the software and how some of its features can not only revolutionise the way you do business, it can help shape the way that your business grows. Speak to us today and see how your business can be transformed.

Enhanced Decision Making

Make business and investment decisions in real time, with a large selection of easy to run reports.

Cash Flow Management

When vital information such as amounts owed by your customers and owed to your suppliers is immediately at hand it is easier to stay on top of cash flow.

Instant Invoicing

Raise and send sales invoices in seconds using this simplified process.

Efficient Bookkeeping

Using online banking and Quickbooks Online can mean bank transactions can be integrated in just a few clicks.

Skilled Assistance

Share access to Quickbooks online with your accountant means problems and solutions can happen anywhere and in real time.

Mobile Friendly

Quickbooks Online can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

VAT Compliance

Using Quickbooks Online assists in calculating, recording and completing your VAT return.

Security & Simplicity

Password secured online software takes away the worry of losing accounting data and having to perform software updates.



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