2021 New Year Update

Happy New Year from the team at Harding Lewis!

I am pleased to write our first update only 6 days into the New Year – albeit the content of which is not quite what I had hoped it would be!

Further to the Government briefing delivered yesterday, where by the Island community was advised that we would be moving into another period of lockdown, we have some important announcements to make. As always, the health and safety of our team and clients is our number one priority. We have therefore taken certain measures to ensure that we can continue to offer the same high level of service to all of our clients, as well as ongoing support and advice in this unnerving time.

Please be advised that from Wednesday 6 January until further notice:

Our staff will be working from home
Don’t worry – all staff will have access to their computers and e-mail. Our main office phone lines are being manned, however this is primarily as a message service. If there is an urgent matter please feel free to contact either myself on 331284, Michael on 498847, Stephen on 248448 or Andrew on 490720.

Both our Douglas and Ramsey offices will be closed for meetings
Don’t fret – if you have a meeting booked, one of our team members will be in touch with you to discuss an alternative solution. Meetings can still take place via phone or Zoom / Skype as necessary.

Both of our offices will remain open for dropping off and collecting records
Our offices will remain open but we will be operating on reduced hours, which will be from 10am until 4pm each day. We would kindly ask that you do not attend the offices if you have any COVID symptoms, if you have attended any of the venues highlighted by the Government as areas of exposure or if you have been in contact with anybody who attended one of these venues. If you are in urgent need of your records please call us on 679524 and we will arrange for them to be dropped off to you.

News that the Government will be re-introducing a number of the support initiatives is certainly welcome. This will at least include:

  1. The Salary Support Scheme. From 4 January until 31 January eligible businesses will be able to claim support from the Government of up to £280 per week for a full time employee. This will include all of the original business categories that were included when the scheme was first offered in March. Applications must be made no later than 30 days after the month of the claim period after the end of the month in which the payments of salary were made.
  2. The Manx Earnings Replacement Allowance (MERA). Eligible individuals will be able to claim up to £200 per week from 9am on Thursday 7 January. This includes both self-employed and employed individuals who are put on nil pay by their employers, laid off, or who are made redundant. It also includes self-employed individuals whom are unable to work due to the lockdown restrictions.
    The Government support initiatives may change rapidly and so please keep a look out for these online and speak to us if you have any questions.

If you would like help making a claim for Government assistance or would like to talk through any other business matter, please feel free to get in touch.

The Isle of Man has been through this once before and triumphed, so there is no reason to believe we can’t do it again. We hope that this will just be the three weeks expected, and we also have some comfort in that the vaccine is on it’s way. So let’s face this together and in the comfort that Harding Lewis are always here to help wherever we can.

Stay safe and best wishes.

Phil, and the Harding Lewis team.

Disclaimer: Please note that further eligibility requirements apply to all Government support initiatives and this information is believed to be correct at the time of writing. Please do not rely on the content of this e-mail without discussing your claim with one of our team members.​